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About Us

Welcome to Planted Into Wellness! We have a committed passion for optimal healthy cooking, and whole foods plant-based nutrition with a focus on education and lifestyle modifications. We offer individualized cooking instruction as well as group and employee wellness courses that include nutrition and lifestyle modification. Planted Into Wellness we aim to become a top leader in plant-based culinary instruction, nutrition education and food preparation for disease prevention for health and longevity.

We offer specialized cooking curriculum through the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine’s  (PCRM) Food For Life Program. Food for Life is comprised of an award-winning nutrition education and cooking series that provides an innovative approach to diet-related chronic diseases.. For nearly two decades the Food For Life program has been on the cutting edge providing the most valuable information demonstrating the link between diets and disease and how what we put on our forks affects promotion or prevention of illness and disability. During each class and throughout the courses students will learn:

  • Detailed  information linking foods to healthful and optimal results or unhealthful and detrimental outcomes

  • Cooking presentations of delicious  and nutritious recipes

  • Hands-on culinary  skills and information in order to make the appropriate changes to  healthful daily living

  • We provide a supportive and motivational atmosphere to  enable participants to take back charge of their health and empower them with the tools for lifelong lifestyle changes. 

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